GreenCoat Purex innovative raw material

GreenCoat Purex innovative raw material

GreenCoat Purex innovative raw material is a durable and durable material that is used in all weather conditions. GreenCoat® is an SSAB brand that combines innovative, eco-friendly polymer coated steels for the construction and other industries. All products are based on premium steel, which is recognized worldwide as one of the best steels available on the market. Moreover, most GreenCoat products have biotechnology (BT) coatings, in which the proportion of traditional mineral components is replaced by raw materials.

As a global leader in innovative steel solutions, SSAB has been working in the construction industry for over 50 years. Following the merger of SSAB and Ruukki in 2014, the best technology and experience of both companies were combined.

As a result, a manufacturer has emerged that has a wide range of high-quality polymer-coated steel roofing products.

GreenCoat Purex coverage

GreenCoat Purex is a durable finish that has an elegant appearance, designed specifically for metal and modular tiles. Great for weatherproofing, longer lasting than conventional polyester, load resistant. It has a textured surface that in turn will create a unique style for any building.

GreenCoat Purex Raw Materials

The base material is steel covered with a thin layer of zinc. When choosing steel, the properties that are best for the finished product are taken into account (standard EN10346). Zinc coating provides two mechanisms for protecting steel from corrosion. It acts as a protective layer that eliminates the contact of oxygen and water with steel, and also acts as a cathodic protection. This means that at trimmed edges or at sites of damage to the zinc coating, zinc will begin to oxidize instead of steel, creating a protective oxide film that eliminates further corrosion. Zinc coating is measured in grams per square meter and covers steel on both sides.

To further enhance corrosion resistance and good adhesion, a pre-treatment layer (passivating layer) is applied.
The undercoat is used for corrosion protection, contains anti-corrosion additives and also provides good adhesion to the top layer. The top layer is a GreenCoat Purex coating that determines the color gamut.

A two-layer bottom coating protects the reverse side of the polymer coated steel. This layer is labeled with GreenCoat PUREX products, which lists the GreenCoat brand and SSAB as the original manufacturer.

GreenCoat Purex Product Benefits

  • Unique combination of steel and coating – all SSCo’s GreenCoat Purex products have premium steel, which is recognized worldwide as one of the best steel available in the market. All coatings have excellent specifications. In addition, GreenCoat Purex products have a patented bio-based color polymer coating.
  • The highest quality durable surface for any climate – GreenCoat Purex products feature high fade resistance and a durable finish that protects the product from corrosion, rust and UV radiation, as well as from scratches and dirt changes, maintenance.
  • Excellent plasticity – even when done manually – GreenCoat Purex products are easily moldable, even when profiled on complex metal shapes.
  • Tough Weather Tests – Large-scale tests conducted over 40 years at facilities around the world have confirmed that GreenCoat Purex products can withstand the harshest weather, such as wind, rain, snow, and salt. water, ice, UV radiation, high humidity. Quality assurance through natural testing is SSAB’s priority.
  • Zinc content 275 g / m2, steel thickness 0.5 mm.

Available colors: RAL 7024 mat, RAL 7016 mat, RAL 8019 mat, RAL 8004 mat.