Arvedi Arcoated™ Mat 3D

Arcoated ™ Mat 3D is a special coating with a unique stereoscopic surface structure. The advanced technology together with high quality materials guarantee perfect appearance and durability of colored metal.

  • Base material: hot-dip galvanized sheet steel (Z 225 g / m²) with a sheet thickness of 0.5 mm.
  • Top side: A multilayer paint coating of about 35 microns thick.
  • Rear side: 7 microns thick.


Coating thickness, microns35
Glitter, glitter units3
Retard Strength, J.18
Bending strength 180ºmore than 2T
Pencil HardnessF-H
Salt Mist Resistance, h360
Ultraviolet ResistanceRUV 3
Warranty, years15