thyssenkrupp is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of carbon steel in the world. The German concern  is well known to be innovative and highly technical.

Pladur® is a multilayer coating that combines a high portion of thin-walled steel with a unique aesthetic content. The main coating is an innovative ZM Eco Protect® metal alloy developed at thyssenkrupp Research Center to improve the anti-corrosion properties of carbon steel. ZM Eco Protect® is a special anti-corrosion zinc-magnetic (ZM) coating that provides better corrosion protection than traditional zinc (Z) coatings. Tests have shown that a ZM coating of 130 g / m2 turns out to be equal to corrosion-resistant (may be higher) than Z 275 g / m² while reducing the coating thickness.

Coverage Overlap:

  • Improvement of corrosion level compared to traditional zinc coating.
  • Less coating thickness.
  • Best molding properties.
  • Adaptable to weather.
  • Longer duration time of uses