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Strotex Dynamic Roofing Membrane

Strotex Dynamic Roofing Membrane

The Strotex Dynamic Super Diffusion Membrane is a high-permeability, four-layer undercoating film. Used as wind and waterproof insulation on attic buildings in complex insulated and non-insulated roofs to prevent moisture from entering insulation panels in the attic.

Main Benefits

  • high vapor permeability, allowing moisture to be extracted from the inside of the roof space;
  • protects walls from wind and moisture from getting inside thermal insulation;
  • absolute waterproofing on the outside;
  • By preventing heat loss, it performs energy conservation;
  • can be exposed to direct sunlight for up to 4 months.

Key Features

  • density: 135 g / m²;
  • Vapor permeability:> 2000 mm (g / m² / 24 h);
  • Tensile strength: 290 (N / 5 cm);
  • Tensile strength: 180 (N / 5 cm);
  • nail tensile strength: 90 (H);
  • temperature range: -40 ° C to + 95 ° C;
  • roll sizes: 1.5 m wide, 50 m long = 75 m²;
  • UV stability: 4 months;
  • manufacturer: Poland.